Summer Camp - dance, theatre, & art - Registration Opens 2/12


Don’t miss out on an amazing opportunity for your young artists to immerse themselves in the world of art for a whole week! The local Palm Tree Lady (Michelle Sasha) is offering an art camp with new projects tailored to each age group, providing campers with a diverse array of art mediums and expressions. From drawing to painting, your child will create unforgettable masterpieces and have a summer to remember.

Campers Need water, snacks, and a smock or an old large t-shirt.

Confidently Creative

Join a local artist and published author for a week filled with fun and encouraging art projects.  Campers will enjoy doodle journaling, and community doodling and will sharpen their skill at hand lettering.  They’ll explore confidence boards and learn the art of zine making as they develop a sense of artistic sureness.  The goal of this unique afternoon camp is to encourage fun with creativity and instill a sense of confidence in both the camper and their art.     

Campers Need water, snacks, and a smock or an old large t-shirt.

Irish Dance

Irish Step Dance is one of the most traditional dance forms found in the Celtic regions of Europe.  Developed centuries ago, this fun and energetic dance technique will have your child learning the basics as well as dancing a complete jig during the camp week.     

Bring: Water, snack, appropriate dance attire and dance shoes.

Theatre Arts - Two Week camp

Drama provides a framework for greater competence in listening, speaking, reading, writing and creative and critical thinking—improving both verbal and non-verbal expression.  For two weeks, campers will learn a great deal about theatre through games and exercises to prepare them for a final performance.  The instructor is an Elly Award winner and former professional actress with Screen Actors Guild and Actors Equity Association.

Performance: Friday, June 21 at 2 pm, open to family & friends.  

Campers need: comfortable clothes, closed-toe shoes, snacks and water bottle.

Musical Theater - Two week Camp

This unique 2-week musical theater camp provides children with the opportunity to create their play through improvisation, learn songs and dances and perform their show for an audience.  Campers will feel more confident creating their lines with their own words, learning music from a professional opera singer, learning dances from the pros and having a blast doing it.  Full costumes and sets in the production make the story come alive and gives children the opportunity to have a full performance experience.   Performance: Friday, July 19 at 2 pm open to family & friends.   

Campers need: comfortable clothes, closed-toe shoes, snacks and water bottle.

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