summer camp - S.T.E.A.M. / Enrichment registration opens 2/12

Bricks4kidz - Full and half day camps

Children will be given the opportunity to apply real-world STEAM concepts and bring their imaginations to life by constructing their own magnificent creations. These projects are inspired by some of our most popular themes, such as robotics, space exploration, and amusement parks. Your child will spend a week immersed in the exciting worlds of engineering, animated movie-making, and architecture, all while actively participating in fun-filled building activities. With each new camp week, a unique theme will be explored, ensuring a fresh and diverse experience every time.

Campers need: A snack and a lunch if doing all-day camp

Enrolling for a full day? Please call or come in to the Centre to receive the full-day discount, not available online.

LEGO® Pokémon Camp 
Available Week: 2 (AM Session)

Let’s Pokémon GO to camp by enjoying a full week of just Pokémon!  During this week, campers will bring their favorite little monsters out of their pockets and into the real world.  Campers will build slithering LEGO® Ekans and chomping LEGO® Totodiles that really move with our  LEGO® Robots. They’ll practice their Pokémon catching skills by building 3D LEGO® Pokéballs and even design their own LEGO®  Pokémon!  Campers will build their Pokémon Trainer skills so they’ll be ready to Catch Them All!

LEGO® Superheroes and the Multiverse of LEGO® Camp
Available Week: 2 (PM Session)

Enjoy a week full of your favorite Marvel and DC superheroes! Spiderman, Captain America, Batman, Iron Man, Wonder Woman, Superman, Thor, Aquaman, The Flash, The Hulk, and much more!  We’ve even added more characters to our Super Team based on the new popular shows on Disney+ such as She-Hulk, Wanda Vision, Daredevil, Hawkeye, Loki, and more! One day we will be building a flying LEGO® Batman jet, and the next we will be chasing down Thanos in the Guardians of the Galaxy’s spaceship, all out of LEGO® bricks! !

LEGO® Bricktacular Mashup Camp
Available Week: 6 (AM Session)

At this awesome camp, all campers will create LEGO® models based on the most popular themes today such as MINECRAFT, Super Mario Bros., STAR WARS, Superheroes, Roblox, Jurassic World, LEGO® Friends, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Harry Potter, LEGO® City, Pokémon, LEGO® Ninjago, Pirates, Disney, Sports, and much more! Join us for this super fun LEGO® Bricktacular Mashup Camp and try them all!

LEGO®  World of Super Mario Brothers Camp
Available Week: Week 6 (PM Session)

It’s-a me! LEGO® Mario! This camp week will bring the world of Super Mario to life. Whether campers decide to race with LEGO® Mario Karts, or run with LEGO®  Yoshi, they’ll shout “WAHOO!” as they build LEGO® Robots. Gain power-ups as they build 3D LEGO® 1-Up mushrooms and with our LEGO® Mosaic Art, they’ll make Toad say, “Thank you Mario, but our LEGO® princess is in another castle!” Campers will have a Super Mario Blast all week long! 

LEGO® Minecraft Masters Camp                Available Week: Week 8 (AM Session)

Campers will delve deep into the world of Minecraft with Ender dragons, Steve, Zombie Pigman, TNT, Creepers, Endermens, Witches and Withers, and all the popular characters Minecraft has to offer! Campers will face new challenges each day, building LEGO® motorized robotic models and crafting key elements from the popular Minecraft game!


LEGO® Star Wars: Explore the Galaxy Available Week: Week 8 (PM Session)

The Jedis, Empire, Sith, Wookies, and Mandalorians are all in a battle to run the Galaxy! And in this classic camp, your child will learn the ways of The Force by making all the classic STAR WARS characters and spaceships out of LEGO® bricks! Campers will be using their creativity and our signature building methods to create a LEGO® Ahsoka, Bobbo Fett’s ship, Baby Yoda, Darth Vadar’s LEGO® light saber and chamber, Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing Fighter, The Mandalorian’s armor, Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon, and much more! We have them all! Come explore the Galaxy in this one-of-a-kind LEGO® STAR WARS Camp!

Little Techs - Half day camp

Kids will have a blast while boosting their academic skills simultaneously! Your little tech will perform cool science experiments, work on creative engineering and art projects, tackle higher-level thinking challenges and have tons of fun, all while learning.  All campers are provided with iPads to use while at camp. Snacks and drinks will be provided daily.  For more information email or call 727-480-8015.   

Pack a nonperishable lunch and have your Little Tech “stay and play” until 1pm at no extra charge.

Challenge Island - Full and half day camps

Challenge Island is designed to meet the needs of two entities: Today’s playful imaginative child and tomorrow’s empowered, globally successful adult.  Kids can explore the opportunities on a choice of four different islands.  

A whimsical island ambiance combined with cross-curricular themes makes the Challenge Island experience an unforgettable adventure.

Children, working in STEAM Teams®, take part in collaborative, inquiry-based, student-driven learning and exploration that are grounded in real-world connections and meaningful problem-solving.

Enrolling for a full day? Please call or come in to the Centre to receive the full-day discount, not available online.

Pets Palooza Camp            

Available:  Week 2 Morning and afternoon session

Wag on over to the most PAWSOME camp in town!  Engineer a world created just for pets: From Pets Palooza Hotel Day to Having a Ball Day to Give a Dog a Bone Day, Salty Sea Dog Day to a very special Rescue Pets Day.  You’ll even get to adopt adorable pretend pets of your own and create habitats to match their needs and personalities. 

Monsters and Myths Island© 

Available:  Week 4  Morning and afternoon session

Prepare to enter an enchanted island filled with mythological monsters, and legendary creatures, categorizing fact from fiction in this not-so-scary summer camp.  You and a STEAM team of friends will take on engineering challenges from Dracula to Dragons, from Bigfoot to Hydra, from Medusa to Monster Trucks to Egyptian Mummies! 

Mission Space Camp   

Available:  Week 7 Morning and afternoon session

Calling all space explorers!  Embark on an unforgettable journey through space in search of a stellar new intergalactic vacation destination.  This camp will whisk you away on a voyage of discovery through our galaxy and beyond.  Your mission? Choose a perfect new planet for you to design and build an out-of-this-world space resort where humans can live, thrive and play all day.  Can you convince everyone to jump in a rocket and vacation on your new planet?

Slimetopia® 3: Slime Chefs on Deck

 Available:  Week 9 Morning and afternoon sessions

Prepare to stir up the most delicious-looking slime recipes on the Seven Seas! In this camp, be a slime sous chef on the S.S. Slimetopia cruise ship where it’s up to you to “feed” the slime hungry passenger’s morning, noon and night!  You’ll mix up belgian waffle slime, fast food hamburger slime, ice cream sundae slime and spectacular sushi slime just to name a few.   Note: Although the slimes in this camp may look and smell yummy, they are for playing not for tasting! 


Mad Science - Half Day camps

Mad Science camps aim to inspire children through innovative and captivating hands-on experiences in science, encouraging and nurturing lifelong curiosity and imagination. Our interactive and stimulating science camps are designed to keep your camper fully engaged and entertained, while providing a safe and enjoyable environment for active learning. Enroll your child today and watch them embrace the summer days with enthusiasm and passion for science!

Magic, Forces & Flight  

Available Week: 3

Take an exciting look at air pressure and vortexes.  Unlock the secrets of some mysterious chemicals and the reactions they produce.  Find out the shocking truth of electricity, how it is produced and used.  Uncover the basic forces of physics through some very cool demonstrations and build’em yourself activities.  Learn all about wave dynamics and our watery environments and discover the science behind lots of secret magic tricks that campers will get to perform. Lastly, campers will investigate the principles of flight by building and flying lots of model airplanes and becoming engineers who design and build their very own superstructures.

Catapults, Crime, and Toys! 

Available Week: 5                      

Discover how a detective solves a crime and how science is critical to your favorite toys—including Bey Blades “Let it Rip”!  Campers will enjoy a variety of activities that will include uncovering cool science you can do in your very own kitchen, building simple machines, exploring the world of telecommunications, discovering how special movie effects are created and exploring the amazing world of robots.  With a different topic each day, this camp is certainly action-packed with hands-on experiments and amazing take-home projects.        

Natural Wonders                    

Available Week: 8

Campers will focus on our planet and how to understand and appreciate its inhabitants, environments and diversity particularly as it is here in Florida.  Experiment with how new earth is formed and how rocks are created.  Investigate the basic building blocks of life—the cell and explore some gross human body processes.  Campers will investigate the world’s many different ecosystems and environments both under the sea and on land.  Go GREEN with Earth Awareness by looking at pollution and ways to save our fragile planet.  With new found knowledge about the natural resources all around us in Florida, campers will want to get out and explore.       

Crazy Chemworks                                

Available Week: 10

From the super tiny to the super slimy, campers will embark on a fascinating journey of exploration and discovery in the world of atoms, molecules and chemical reactions. Get introduced to lab equipment, discover how and why things glow and discover the science of sticky-ness.  Test pH with different indicators and find out why acids and bases don’t get along.  Investigate the science of cold and stock your new home lab with cool take-homes every day.         

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Little Techs

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