Adult Dance & Fitness

Cardio Drumming

Adult Dance and Fitness Programs with Palm Harbor Parks & Recreation - Cardio Drumming 2

Use an exercise ball and drumsticks to exercise to the beat of a different drummer.  Equipment provided, just bring you! Register online: (Search for New Wave Nutrition or Cardio Drumming, Palm Harbor) or download their app.  For information, registration and to make payment, call 727.520.5543.

Zumba Gold

Let the beat of Latin and International music help you move and groove at low impact and intensity.  Zumba Gold is a perfect class for those getting back into fitness or those looking for a fun and invigorating dance work-out.  


Timeless Tappers

A fun and rhythmic adult dance class that will benefit both body and mind. Participants will learn tap terminology and technique along with combinations and choreography to incorporate the skills learned. Instructor, Tammy Ely, has an extensive background teaching dance and is excited to share her love of both Broadway style and rhythm tap dancing with you! Performance opportunities available. Classes start September 5th! Register today! 

Snell's Square Dancing

Whether you’re looking to learn or are a seasoned square dancer, we’ve got the spot for you!  Join Allen and Rosie Snell for a fun evening of square dancing with professional callers.  Both beginners and experts are welcome.  The first half hour will be dedicated to providing instruction to our beginners with the rest of the evening dedicated to the love of the dance! Starts October 7th!  Register now to join the fun.


Ballroom Dance

If you’ve ever wanted to learn to waltz or dance as they do in Dancing with the Stars or So You Think You Can Dance, join this group for fun and friendly social dance classes taught by Cathy Nelson of Dance Forever.  This beginner class will provide a nice taste of various dance styles. No partner? No problem!  These classes are designed to introduce our area’s most popular partner dances. 


Chair Aerobics

Adult Dance and Fitness Programs with Palm Harbor Parks & Recreation - Chair Aerobics

Chair aerobics is a great way to maintain your flexibility and your activity level.  Class will have you feeling good about yourself and your fitness level.  Join the group for a 30-minute seated exercise class led by Lenora Rose Senior Fitness and Nutrition.  Class is done without weights but is filled with a great deal of fun music and easy to follow movement.  No exercise experience necessary, just bring bottled water for hydration. 

Gentle Yoga for All Ages

Join Elasa Tiernan, CYT educator, for a gentle yoga hour where students will focus on learning about yoga principals as a way of life, practice gentle postures, breathing techniques, relaxation and develop soul awareness through meditation.  Open to all levels including families who are dedicated to practicing yoga together. 



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