Youth Classes


Cooking Junior Chef

First Mate Boating

Pet First Aid

Music with Mar

Art Workshops

Back to school Sneaker Creation

Sunset Beach Landscape

Underwater Scene


Dance Classes

Ballet & Tap Combo

Students will learn basic ballet and tap vocabulary and class structure.  There is an emphasis on correct posture and positioning.  Students will focus on developing ballet and tap techniques and reinforce their physical strength, flexibility, and musicality.  Individual expression through dance is encouraged at this level.


BAllet, JAzz & Tap I

Considered a “big kid” combo class, the dancers will be instructed in each discipline.  This will allow more serious, younger dancers interested in higher level of instruction in dance to better prepare in more than one discipline, all in one class. 


BAllet, JAzz & Tap II

This combo class is for the dancer with previous ballet training and is age appropriate for pointe work at the barre.  Class will have a strong ballet curriculum and beginning pointe work for students after approval from the instructor.  Jazz and tap dance progressions, turns, leaps and tap rhythms will be part of the class to create a well-rounded dancer and performer.


Senior Chef

Beginner Chef

Cooking Classes by Palm Harbor Parks & Recreation

Designed especially for the high school student looking for a more in-depth culinary experience. Heighten kitchen skills and expand culinary terminology.

Cooking Classes by Palm Harbor Parks & Recreation

Learn how to use the stove, oven and even how to do the dishes! Kitchen safety will be taught from equipment to food handling and safety. Students will take actively prep and cook during class with food selections TBD.

Pet First Aid

Babysitting class

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